Works of Vidyapati

A complete list of Vidyapati’s work given below:

In Sanskrit:

  1. Saivasarvasvarasara – Digest on worship of Shiva
  2. Gangavakyavali – On worshipping Ganga
  3. Durgavhakti Tarangini – On worshipping Durga
  4. Danavakyavali – On performing various kinds of Dana
  5. Gayapattalaka – On performing various rites in Gaya
  6. Varsakrittya – On the performance of various customs, ceremonies and rites by house holders throughout the year
  7. Likhanavali – On letter writing
  8. Purushapariksha – On judging a person
  9. Vibhagasara – On right way of partitioning one’s inheritance

In Abhatta:

  1. Kirttilata – It relates the regaining of the kingdom of Mithila from the Muslim usurper Aslan by Maharajkumars Veersimha and Kirttisimha.
  2. Kirttipataka – Also an eulogy in praise of the then Maharaja Maharajkumars

Maithili Drama:

  1. Gorakshavijaya – Relates to the well known story of Matsyendranatha and Gorakshanatha
  2. Manimanjari- natika

Maithili Lyrics:
Dr. Subhadra Jha’s edition published from Varanasi is till date the best collection of Vidyapati’s poems. Various good editions of his poems have been brought out but none is as comprehensive as the one brought out by Amulyacharan Vidyabhaum and Khagendranatha Mitra. It is a revised edition of Nagendranath’s important collection of Vidyapati’s poems and has been published by Sharatkumar Mitra.

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