Darbhanga is one of the 38 districts in Bihar. It is part of Darbhanga division. The head quarter of the district is Darbhanga. The total population of the district is 3,295,789 and the area is 2,279 sqkm. Paddy is the main agricultural crop. Paper Mill, Sugar Factories and Handloom are the main industries. Kamla and Balan are the main rivers. The literacy rate is 44.33%. The female literacy rate is 30.78%. The male literacy rate is 56.72%.

DarbhangaDarbhanga is also known as cultural capital of Bihar,This district is known for its rich tradition of folk art form, Mithila Painting. Traditional folk drama styles of Mithila region are also very popular in this district. Most prominent among them are Nautanki, Natua Nach and Sama Chakeva , Madhushrawani (new Bridegrooms).

The civilian of this district commonly communicate in maithili. The population is strongly trust in their different religion and cast. There are many famous temples among the district, some are Shyama Mandir(Darbhanga Raj),Malechchmardini Mandir(Darbhanga city),KusheshwarSthan mandir(This is a Shivalay),Videshawarsthan(also a shivalaya),SingheshwarSthan(Shivalaya),SidhdhaVidyapeetha Tara Sthan(Navtol village near Ghanshyampur Block),Historical Mahadev Mandir(Hafidwar village near Navtol village) and many more.

A number of fairs and melas are organised in various parts of the district. The Kartik Purnima mela, Dussehra mela, Janmashtami mela and Divali mela are most popular among them. Mela for bride can be seen in “Sauratha Sabha” where marriages are settled .

Two of the prominent and popular Artistic groups of this district are Mithila Chetna Parishad and Adarsh Kala Manch. Mithila Chetna Parishad is a professionally managed conglomerate of artistic activities of Mithila region. They also conduct stage shows all over India and abroad to spread the ethos of Maithili art and culture. Adarsh Kala Manch, Madanpur (in Bahadurpur Block) is run by a group of amateur artists and activists of the villages in this region. This group is immensely popular due to the depth and style of presentation of local Maithili Natak (based on religious and social themes). However off late, the scarcity of funds has forced this club to reduce its activities and limit it within the village during Festivals like Chhat and Chitragupt Puja.

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